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                              VLM Airlines is a Slovenian airline based at Edvard Rusjan Airport in Maribor, Slovenia.


The airline serves destinations including London and Antwerp and Maribor to Spilt and Dubrovnik, Croatia with a Fokker 50 aircraft.


After an absence of over 9 years, VLM Airlines are flying the original route between Antwerp, Belgium and London City Airport. 


The Belgian company SHS Antwerp Aviation N.V. is a subsidiary of the Dutch investment company SHS Aviation B.V. SHS Aviation B.V. is owned for 60% by Dutch and for 40% by Canadian investors. The Slovenian airline VLM Airlines is a subsidiary of SHS Antwerp Aviation.

Both SHS Antwerp Aviation N.V. and VLM Airlines are developing airline activities under the common trading name ‘VLM Airlines’.


Currently, VLM Airlines has a fleet of 6 Fokker 50 turboprop aircraft, with each aircraft can carry 50 passengers.

Three Fokker 50s are on the Slovenian AOC.


VLM airlines had previously ceased flying operations in June 2016. Later that year,  SHS Aviation acquired the remaining aircraft and all other assets of VLM Airlines N.V, however, in May 2017, the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure issued an air operator's licenses (AOC) to VLM Airlines. The airline is 100% owned by the Belgium company SHS Antwerp Aviation.





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VLM passengers are allowed 1 bag of maximum 20kg free of charge and 1 hand baggage of maximum 10kg.






6th October 2017

VLM Airlines returns to the legendary route between Antwerp and London City Airport on 30th October

3-4 daily services on weekdays and 2 daily flights on Sundays

Since 1993 Antwerp and London are linked with a direct flight, first by VLM Airlines (from 1993 until 2008) then Cityjet. Earlier this month Cityjet announced that it is to quit its activities on the route with effect from 27th October 2017.

Richard Hill, Chief Commercial Officer at London City Airport said: “We welcome the return of VLM Airlines to London City to operate this speedy and convenient Antwerp route, which is the only connection between a UK airport to Belgium’s second largest city. The link is particularly valued by frequent flyers on business, and VLM’s commencement of services on 30 October ensures business as usual for passengers.”

The VLM Airlines services between London City Airport and Antwerp will commence on 30th October.  On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays there will be three daily services in each direction and on Thursdays and Fridays four daily services.  On Sundays VLM Airlines will operate two return flights.

VLM Airlines will announce further details about its Winter flying programme 2017-2018.


Read more: VLM Airlines re-commences operations




8th August 2017

VLM Airlines commenced new routes from Maribor to Croatia - First scheduled VLM flights to Split and Dubrovnik

VLM Airlines commenced flying 2 new routes between its Slovenian base in Maribor and two popular Croatian destinations: Split and Dubrovnik. The VLM crew members and passengers that were flying from Maribor to Split were greeted by Mr Saša Pelko, Deputy Mayor of Maribor, Ms Gillian Yeung, Managing Director of SHS Aviation B.V., and Mr Boris Bobek, Director of Edvard Rusjan Maribor Airport.

The scheduled flights from Maribor to Split and Dubrovnik are operated in August on Tuesdays with a Fokker 50 turboprop aircraft.

Parking at Maribor Airport is free of charge for all passengers.







In 2008, VLM was acquired by Air France-VLM via Cityjet and later in 2014, VLM Airlines was sold by the INTRO Group into the management of VLM Airlines.


With ten years of consecutive profit, a record never beaten in Belgian aviation history, and a route network that stretched from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Luxembourg to London, Manchester, and Jersey, the airline at its peak was operating over 500 flights a week from London City Airport making it the No.1 airline operating from the airport.


During this period VLM also won many awards, among them the highly prestigious Regional Airline of the Year. By 2010 the combined airline was carrying over 1 million passengers a year


VLM Operates Fokker 50 aircraft offers an excellent combination of comfort and reliability. The aircraft’s design makes it ideal for VLM charter operations as, due to its superior performance and low noise, it can land at smaller airports which are often located closer to city centres. The cabin configuration allows room for a maximum of 50 passengers and offers ample legroom and leather seating.





Route Map 



Popular Routes


London City    Antwerp


Antwerp    London City



The Fleet


Fokker 50





















Antwerp International Airport 

HUB Airport


Antwerp International Airprt is the international airport serving Antwerp and is the home airport for VLM Airlines and CityJet. Jetairfly also fly to and from Antwerp International Airport. The airport has two runaways and can handle nearly 200,000 passengers every year. 






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VLM Airlines is a business airline that focuses on getting passengers to their destinations in a fast and efficient manner, with hot deals to Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg & Jersey. VLM Airlines The well respected Trade Journal "Air Transport World" recently voted VLM airlines "Regional Airline of the Year" and we think that they are right to do so... With short check-in times, fast boarding and disembarkation and by flying to regional airports that are located close to city centres they achieve their goal. For the well-heeled London based passenger seeking to visit the island of Jersey check out their service from London City Airport. For flights to Antwerp, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg and Hamburg the ease of check-in and short walking distances through London City Airport make this a true alternative to the morale sapping Heathrow experience. VLM currently has a fleet of 19 Fokker 50 aircraft each with a seating capacity of up to 50. Flights from London City on VLM Airlines VLM Aircraft Alternative Airlines is all about highlighting differences and VLM has achieved major success by being just that - different. We applaud the courage displayed by sticking firmly to its unique formula of attracting business passengers through shortening the total journey time between city centres. In the UK its domination of London City plus its successful flights from Manchester, Jersey and the Isle of Man make it worth considering VLM. VLM currently has a fleet of 19 Fokker 50 aircraft each with up to 50 leather clad seats. This type of aircraft is ideally suited to flying into city airports. Check the full range of destinations & airports served on our online booking form
VLM Airlines is a Belgian airline offering flights across Europe and flies to many destinations including Antwerp, Hamburg, Waterford, Rotterdam, Geneva, Birmingham, London, Southampton, Paris, Brussels and Hurghada, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.